Jonathan Desroches

Jonathan fell in love with Swing first by becoming a musician in a stage band at the beginning of high school. His first contact with Swing Dancing was at 16; It was love at first sight! Diving into swing dance classes like a fish in water, he also showed incredible talent from the start. In 2008, he participated to the Pro-Am divisions of the Canadian and American Lindy Hop Championships and won 1st place in both! The next year, he won 1st place of the Canadian Swing Championships ("CSC") Open Jack and Jill continuing while still demonstrating tremendous potential to go even further. After a brief participation in a performance team in Quebec city, his passion took him to Montreal in the summer of his 18th birthday where he moved to join the former "Swinging Air Force (SAF): Patrol" dance team. In 2010 and 2011, he won titles in Classic, Solo Charleston and Just Do It divisions of CSC, showing his versatile abilities. He is now part of elite SAF: Squad, one of the most notorious Lindy Hop team in the world, and helped that team win its gold medal at the last edition of CSC in 2013. He has been part of the Studio 88-SWING team of teachers for 3 years now, where his charm and human way to connect already make him a student favourite! Beyond this, he also pursues his passion for music by being a regular DJ, making the Montreal dancers happy one song at a time at Medley Simple Malt on Tuesdays. His sense of humour and his smile combined to his affection to details are his recipe to success!

Jonathan Desroches is currently not instructing any classes.