Coralie Bazinet

In 2009, Coralie went to Petit Medley and discovered swing dancing for the first time. Ever since that evening, she has never stopped dancing! Her passion and unconditional love for swing dancing has made her go up the chart in different troupes at the Studio 88 Swing. In June 2013, she became a member of the SAF Squad, which is the elite troupe of the studio. Coralie has won many competing events: 1st place Jack n Jill Open at Canadian Swing Championship in 2012, 1st place Jack n Jill Advanced at Swing a Dance in 2015, 3rd place Strictly Lindy at Sing a Dance, 3rd place at Boston Tea Party in 2015 with her dance partner, Antoine Simard. Coralie not only loves to perform and compete, she thrives when teaching and adores being in contact with people. This is why her charismatic energy is completely contagious to her students!

Coralie Bazinet instructs the following:
  • Projet SAF Battalion - Automne 2018
  • Troupe avancée de Lindy Hop avec acrobaties pour le projet SAF Automne 2018, avec objectif de travailler sur la technique de ses membres, et de présenter une chorégraphie lors du spectacle de Noël du 1er décembre.

    Les membres des troupes SAF seront sélectionnés lors des auditions du 26 août. Veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous pour vous y inscrire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftBjFZNWTi9H6q0W4dYiL6Z1fof3-UQgvU_nFqrV0q0Tc7Fw/viewform