Jiver Collin

Jiver is a multi-talented man. He is clearly part artist, always keeping a place for music in his life. As a child, he played the violin, trumpet and guitar, as a teen, acrobatic rock and roll became his passion. As a young adult, "The Jiver" discovered the dance behind his nickname: Rockabilly Jive! He caught the 'Swing Fever' right away, going out dancing Rockabilly and soon also Lindy-Hop whenever he could. He also traveled quite a bit in North-America to experience Swing at it's fullest! In 1998, he co-founded the Swinging Air Force troupe, in collaboration with a few other Montreal dancers. This troupe not only still exists today, 15 years later, but has also won many international titles... making daddy-Jiver very proud. He was also co-founder of Studio 88-Swing in 2001 in which he invested himself fully, building the business and teaching within it. In 2006, he left the Studio 88-Swing team to start his own Studio 'Académie Swing', on the South-Shore of Montreal. However in 2011, his life took a new turn when he decided to go back to school and study electricity. He then closed Académie Swing to focus 100% on his studies. The passion for dancing had not left him though and he returned to teach part of the Studio 88-Swing crew and perform with the Swinging Air Force dance teams; in 2012 he even became the new coach/choreographer for the Swinging Air Force: Bootcamp team (an offshoot of the original team he helped found all those years ago). With his partner Vicki Grenier they form a dynamic, comic and creative duo which inspires young dancers.

Jiver Collin is currently not instructing any classes.