Tania Charpentier

Holding a high school degree in classical dance, she performed over the years in ballet, modern and traditional dance productions, including The Nutcracker produced by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. Thinking she had crossed dance from her life to pursue studies in Biotechnology, she happened to watch a Swinging Air Force performance at Le Match des Étoiles and was completely blown away by the liveliness of Swing dance! This thought haunted her until 2011, when she learned her first Swing steps and joined the solo Charleston team of Studio 88 Swing. Through many dance partnerships and being part of different Lindy Hop and Balboa teams, she improved her dance skills and took part in a number of competitions and workshops hosted on the North American East coast. Her still growing passion for Swing dance brought her to consider in 2015 the challenge of teaching this wonderful art!

Tania Charpentier instructs the following:
  • Swing 1
  • Cours d'introduction au Lindy Hop. Découvrez le plaisir de danser socialement et développez un sentiment d'appartenance à la scène swing et sa culture, le tout en acquérant des techniques de bases solides. Familiarisez- vous avec les techniques de connexion propres aux danses swing, apprenez divers pas de base et mouvements qui vous permettront de danser avec aisance et épater la galerie à votre prochain mariage ou événement spécial!
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    An introduction to swing dancing! You will learn a lot about good dance techniques and about the swing dance community and culture in Montreal and the world. Discover the techniques and basic steps specific to swing dancing and learn enough basic moves to take to the floor with assurance and blow the socks off your friends and family at the next wedding or special event.
    No prerequisite
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