Ophélie Clermont

Ophélie has had both feet in sport and dance since as young as she can remember. Having bloomed with ballet, gumboots, rock' n roll acrobatic, African and contemporary dance, it is the swing that finally fills his heart. Having just discovered this passion, she set up and animated two consecutive summers of swing parties in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, unable to stop dancing. It is this first contact with teaching that gave her the urge to share her passion. She went on to win a 2nd place at the Jack&Jill beginner, first place with Bootcamp troop at CSC 2016, and third place in the pro team category with Battalion in 2017. She wishes, through her individualized and enthusiastic approach, to transmit to others the desire to express oneself by dancing.

Ophélie Clermont is currently not instructing any classes.