Sophie Lajeunesse

A former gymnast, Sophie was pleased to discover that swing dancing offered her the opportunity to perform acrobatics with her partners.
After having passed through the various Swinging Air Force troops with Brigade, Bootcamp and Batallion and won 1st place amateur team (Bootcamp 2016) and 3rd place pro team (Batallion 2017) she decided to share her experience by specializing in acrobatics courses. She has also created a workshop "Zero to Up" to establish a solid foundation of the acrobatic prerequisites for dancers who want to make air steps safely. Sophie is also a team girl. After 10 years of playing Ultimate Frisbee in competitive top level teams, winning tournaments and playing the role of captain, she decided to start her own advanced level troupe bringing together Balboa's passionate dancers in Montreal, all studios combined. With a passion for Balboa, she hopes to support the Montreal Balboa dancers to shine on the international scene. That's why she created the Followsophie cooperative working group that will allow dancers to share their experiences and do co-training. You understand that Sophie is a passionate woman, a little ball of energy, full of ideas and projects, loving performing on stage, she has at heart to communicate her enthusiasm and her love of dance. Her fun is contagious, in the classes she takes the time to dance with her students because she appreciates human contact and personal feedback. A psycho-educator by trade, specialized in autism, she will guide and support you in your apprenticeships in Balboa, Lindy Hop and acrobatics classes.

"To dance for me is to play... with a partner, with music, with an audience, it's a means of transcendent communication that pushes back the boundaries between humans."

Sophie Lajeunesse is currently not instructing any classes.