Annie Trudeau

Annie's passion for dance was first well demonstrated when she chose her career as a dance teacher and performer over her engineering physics degree's possibilities. She also trained as a competing artistic gymnast when she was a teenager. She is a co-founder and co-owner of Studio 88-SWING in Montreal (Canada) where she has taught swing since 2001. As the artistic director, she also manages and dances in the Montreal Swinging Air Force dance performance troupe, which has been International Lindy Hop Champions in 2010-11 and 2014 and Canadian Champion 2013-14-15. She is passionate and enthusiastic as a swing dancer, teacher and competitor. Her style joins dynamism and power with a subtleness that is very feminine. She has numerous titles in competition including 6 first place at International Lindy Hop Championships (2008 to 2013 included) in Washington in the Showcase Category and also first place at the European Championships in London in October 2013. She also danced at the Montreal Jazz Fest with the electro-swing band Caravan Palace and was hired as a choreographer for the Cirque du Soleil and lately for the TV Show ''Les Dieux de la Danse''.
Here is her Youtube playlist with some of her shows, performances and competition pieces!

Annie Trudeau instructs the following:
  • Swing 1 - version ambidanse!
  • Cours d'introduction au Lindy Hop. Découvrez le plaisir de danser socialement et développez un sentiment d'appartenance à la scène swing et sa culture, le tout en acquérant des techniques de bases solides. Familiarisez- vous avec les techniques de connexion propres aux danses swing, apprenez divers pas de base et mouvements qui vous permettront de danser avec aisance et épater la galerie à votre prochain mariage ou événement spécial!
    Particularité: cours ambidanse! Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez à la fois à suivre ET guider la danse!
    Aucun pré-requis
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    An introduction to swing dancing! You will learn a lot about good dance techniques and about the swing dance community and culture in Montreal and the world. Discover the techniques and basic steps specific to swing dancing and learn enough basic moves to take to the floor with assurance and blow the socks off your friends and family at the next wedding or special event.
    Particularity: ambidance class! In this class, you will learn to follow AND to lead the dance!
    No prerequisite
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