Studio 88 Swing Social Dances

You can try Swing dancing for FREE three times every week!!! No need to come with a partner, we just need you... and all your friends!

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Our famous Jazz Hot dance nights are back! Every Saturday with a special theme!
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*** EVERY WEEK ***



Every Saturday!

8PM - Free intro to Swing!
Espace 215 - Le Jazz Hot!
215 Jean-Talon Ouest, 3rd floor
We will be back this Fall!
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88 Swing!


Every Thursday!

8PM - Free intro to this week's danse!
Studio Cosy - Jeudi 88-Swing
2164 Maisonneuve Est

We alternate between West Coast Swing and Blues.

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Every Tuesday!

8PM - Free intro to Swing!
Medley Simple Malt
6206 St-Hubert, Montréal - Métro Beaubien
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*** ONCE A MONTH ***

Next Balboa Jazz Hot:
Back this Fall

Next Thursday Rialto Swing :
Back in September

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Next WCS at Espace 215:
August 18, 2018

Next L'Aprem Swing
 September 30th, 2018

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Dance Etiquette or Appropriate Conduct for the Social Dancer

The Studio 88 Swing is a public place where you need to be open-minded in order to learn new things with people who share your passion for dancing!

We believe in diversity under all its various forms, where all ideas are welcome from both our clientele and our team of staff. We believe in succeeding to make you unwind after a long day of work, tight deadlines in school, tough bosses or else. And we especially believe in giving high-quality classes by taking pride in the serious techniques taught while having a tremendous sense of humour.

In order to achieve this, however, we have some expectations from you whether it is at our dance studio or on the dance floor of our amazing events:

  • As the great Aretha Franklin once said: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Studio 88 Swing will not tolerate any signs of harassment (psychological, physical, sexual), whether it is related to: age, gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, minor visibility or religion.
  • The Studio 88 Swing isn’t speed dating. Although you may find that 88 Swing attracts beautiful and charismatic people, if you engage in creepy flirtatiousness and succeed at making people uncomfortable, we may ask you to leave. 
  • Know your booze limits. At a dancing event serving alcohol, if you’ve had one too many, it can be at our discretion to refuse serving alcohol to you. But, we’re nice, you know, so we can even help you calling a cab to prevent you from driving under the influence. Underage drinking will result in immediate expulsion and potentially ban you from our events for life. This. Is. Serious.
  • Be kind to the staff. We are fun, trustworthy and honest people. Some mistakes happen, sometimes out of our control. If something upsets you, don’t yell or call names at us. That just makes us sad… 
  • When leaving the premises (the Studio or our partnered bars), please keep your noisy enthusiasm to a minimum. We like our neighbours and they like us. Let’s keep it that way, okay? 
  • We don’t want to be your parents. So please, behave like a responsible grown up adult. The end. 

Should you experience any unpleasant situation, witness or live harassment of any kind, please bring your concerns to the Studio 88 Swing owners: Annie or Didier. Anything you will disclose will be strictly confidential. Remember: the courage of your words can save others from living the same unpleasant situation!!!

Incident Report

Something uncomfortable happened to you or someone you care about? You were a witness or a victim of a disrespectful behaviour and you would like to tell us about it so we can help you solve it or simply because you need support going through something difficult and/or painful for you? Feel free to use this form to communicate with us and Didier and Sabrina will receive it and treat it with care and respect. Thanks for your courage to speak out!



- Are all levels of dancers welcomed in our social dance nights?
All our social dance nights are beginner-friendly and therefore welcome all levels of dancers. Our teachers love to dance with their students, and in general the advanced dancers in the scene are sensitive to the fact that beginners can sometimes need a little encouragement to be integrated and fight a normal timidity.

- Is there a dress code when I go out dancing?

In terms of dress code, it depends on the night, but most our social dances are open in that sense, welcoming different styles of clothing, very relaxed or as eccentric as you would like it to be. Sometimes, we announce theme-nights, in which case we encourage dancers to dress vintage with a specific aimed-era to be inspired by! Make sure you wear shoes in which you are comfortable.

- Can I just sit and enjoy the show?
Everybody in the community is welcome to take part of the dance, but if you would rather sit, enjoy a drink and be inspired by other dancers, you can certainly do just that.

- Is there a dance etiquette I should know about?

Being polite and respectful are the base of the good social dancing environment. Then, if we want to be more specific, we can say that ladies and gents are welcome to ask each other for a dance, and that it is never expected that a second dance will take place unless it is agreed upon each time. It's OK to say no when someone asks you to dance, we all have our reasons at times if only to take a break and breathe, but please make sure you don't do this too often, for obvious reasons. It is also polite to make sure that our dancing space is kept to a size that is considerate of the number of people on the dance floor i.e. if it's very crowded, we keep it small and if ever a collision happens, please do apologize to the other dancer that was bumped or hit. Also please read the Dance Etiquette section above.

-When is the good timing to go out social dancing?
Some people wait until they are completely done with their Swing 1 lesson before they go out social dancing, some people go out as a way to learn swing dancing, some people go out just to have fun and enjoy the dancers tear up the dance floor with their swingin' moves.... everybody has a personal way to integrate the social swing dancing community.
One thing that might be interesting to know is that back in the days, at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem,  people learned strictly by watching people dance and sharing what they knew, eventually making other dancer's moves their own and putting their personal touch. Also, the dance pretty much evolved in parallel with the live music that dancers were dancing too on a daily basis! Swing was the popular music of the 30's and 40's.... so dancers in those days could improvise to the music performed by the musicians to their very ears, and those musicians were also inspired by the bodily rhythms their eyes could witness.  Swing dancing, including Lindy Hop and Balboa are hence street dances and are very opened in their interpretation, as long as one keep the Swingin' feel to it, and that it is natural, playful and positive for the 2 partners.
In any case,  everybody is welcome to attend our social dance evenings, and you will see how much more enjoyable the group classes will be after you integrate that activity in your weekly calendar, because you will gain comfort in the practice of the steps you learn in class, and you will create social bonds that will enlighten even more your swing dancing experience.

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