FAQ / Self-Assessment

It is no secret that dancing is not only an art to practice... it is way more than that, allowing people to meet in a welcoming and happy social setting, encouraging physical fitness and body awareness, and also stimulating the mind in many ways through improvisation on music, on through bodily conversation in a partnered collaborative dance.  Having all those beautiful aspects of the activity in mind, some questions could pop up in your curious mind and we will try to answer them here.

''Do I need to be particularly fit and young to take Swing dancing lessons?''
- No, Swing dancing involves very natural movement and can be practiced with as much intensity as one would like. Of course, for performance and show purposes, acrobatics are performed to impress and wow the crowd, but they are not a part of the basic social activity and can be kept out of a very satisfying and complete swing dancing experience. Moreover, swing music has a wide variety of tempo so it is false to think that it is only a fast dance.  For slower tempos, it is also possible to try blues dancing!

''Do I need a specific wardrobe to attend classes or to to go out swing dancing?''
- No. For classes, please make yourself comfortable and make sure you have comfortable shoes.  For social dancing, you can be as eccentric or as casual as you want, as modern or as vintage looking as you please!  We sometimes host theme-nights, in which case you are welcome to participate to the said theme, most of the times a 20's Charleston fashion, or a 30-40's classy attire to create an even cooler ambiance in the night!

''Do I need a partner to start Swing dancing?''

-No. You can register without a partner although it is possible that if we have a bigger number of leaders than followers, we will have to postpone your registration to a future class. We are always thriving to give the best learning experience to our clients, and it is optimal when the numbers match! So we ask for your patience sometimes, but it is for a good cause! Register and pay as soon as you can when you know you want to take a class, because we have people on waiting lists in order of received full payments.

''Do I need to be a follower of the dance if I am a lady and a leader if I am a man?''
No. Those are traditions only, and the modern swing community is very open to have those roles exchanged and have female leaders and male followers.  It is also common to have more advanced dancers learn the opposite role, because it also helps you understanding your partners better and develop complementary skills.  

''If I haven't danced for a long time, what's the best way to come back into dancing?''
Well, it really depends on your personal feeling and preference towards the dance.  You may feel rusty and would appreciate a private lesson to help you remember your steps and feedback on your connection.  You maybe want to retake the last group class you took, so that you can get back on the horse and take your time in reviewing the most recent concepts you learned, may it be a while back.  It is also great to be able to do that with a 95$ retake rebate!  You may just need to write on the Studio 88-Swing Facebook page that you would are back in the scene and will go out dancing this week, and are looking forward to a few dances! When throwing something in the Universe, you never know what good things can come back to you when you least expect it! 

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"I am not sure which is the best class to take for my specific situation..."
As a general rule, we strongly suggest that people start with Swing 1. It will give you the fundamentals necessary to pursue learning all about Lindy Hop, but it will also give you fundamentals useful even in other Swing dances like Balboa, Blues, West Coast Swing... We suggest therefore that you complete Swing 2 before you go on and take classes from another Swing Dance Track.  But if you are interested in a style different from Lindy Hop, you can also go straight away in a track different from Swing 1-6, although if you have no experience in couple dancing, you might find a little bit challenging at first.

If you come from another school, city or country and you are unsure where to integrate to continue your swing dancing journey, you are welcome to also contact us with questions, but the best is most likely to take a short private lesson for level assessment and recommendations for your lesson plan.
If you need help in any way to establish which class is best for you, please write or call us !
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