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Annie spent years flirting with arts: drawing, jewelry and hat making, gigue, African and contemporary dancing, improv, etc. One day she realized that dance was the one art form that brought her the most happiness and her quest for the right style begun. Gumboots, tango, salsa, square dancing, baladi, reggaeton, contemporary, samba, bollywood, they all had a little something missing, a little spark. In 2011 she finally discovered swing… it was love at first sight! Eager for knowledge and avid to improve her technique, she since attends as many classes, workshops and events as she can, both in the local scene and international, mainly in lindy hop, balboa, blues and solo jazz. Her love for the stage and competitions pushes her to join the studio’s troupes of the Swinging Air Force, the SAF family in 2016. Then, in 2017 she feels ready to share her joy of living and passion by teaching at the studio. Today, Annie has become a passionate teacher! For her, the most beautiful salary it is to see her students shine on the dance floor and especially inviting her to dance!
Always looking for a form of self-expression that would fit his personality, Amalan has dabbled in various art forms. On a night in 2012, Amalan was introduced to the world of swing dancing at a small bar known as “Le Petit Medley”. The discovery of this dance ignited a flame of passion that has driven him up to this day. Following this desire, Amalan joined SAF Réservistes, Rhythm Troopers, and Jazz Division in order to perfect his skills. His positive energy and smile are as contagious as his passion for Lindy Hop.
Annie's passion for dance was first well demonstrated when she chose her career as a dance teacher and performer over her engineering physics degree's possibilities. She also trained as a competing artistic gymnast when she was a teenager. She is a co-founder and co-owner of Studio 88-SWING in Montreal (Canada) where she has taught swing since 2001. As the artistic director, she also manages and dances in the Montreal Swinging Air Force dance performance troupe, which has been International Lindy Hop Champions in 2010-11 and 2014 and Canadian Champion 2013-14-15. She is passionate and enthusiastic as a swing dancer, teacher and competitor. Her style joins dynamism and power with a subtleness that is very feminine. She has numerous titles in competition including 6 first place at International Lindy Hop Championships (2008 to 2013 included) in Washington in the Showcase Category and also first place at the European Championships in London in October 2013. She also danced at the Montreal Jazz Fest with the electro-swing band Caravan Palace and was hired as a choreographer for the Cirque du Soleil and lately for the TV Show ''Les Dieux de la Danse''.
Here is her Youtube playlist with some of her shows, performances and competition pieces!
Interested in a multitude of artistic avenues, Anie has a stronger passion for danse. At the young age of 6 years old, she takes her 1st ballet jazz classes followed by classical ballet, contemporary and tap dance. Despite a break of approximately 10 years in her mid-twenties, Anie realizes the importance of dance in her life and decides to take it up a notch by joining the Studio 88 Swing. She has danced with SAF Réservistes, Jazz Division (open), Rhythm Troopers and Team Promo, Swing is her thing!!! Sociable and friendly, she is also appreciated for her enthusiasm and generosity, Anie is simply a joy to work with.
Antoine was only 16 years old when he discovered Swing. He started by learning the Rockabilly Jive but shortly after, he discovered Lindy Hop and was since then found on every dance floor. He rapidly wanted to perfect his art, become a better dancer and won the ''Montreal Attitude Prize'' at the Canadian Championships in 2011. He was then able to take all the classes he wanted for free so the door was open for him to become the best he could be in Swing and Lindy Hop! He joined the SAF Battalion and then he got promoted to being part of the elite troup at Studio 88-SWING, the Swinging Air Force Squad, who won 1st place at CSC 2013, MDF 2013 and 2nd place of the impressive International Lindy Hop Championship. Antoine won many titles in Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie including 1st place in the Jack n Jill open at Swingin’ New England 2011, 3rd place in Strictly Boogie Woogie at Jump & Dance 2011 and 1st of Strictly Boogie at Jump n Dance 2012. His teaching position at Studio 88 Swing gave him the opportunity to continue to grow, and to help others grow in the same great spirits in which he was raised. Young, yet mature, Antoine will surprise you with his humour, energy and obvious heart-felt dedication to the dance.

Céline is an artist evolving through her different passions. She expresses herself through theatre, improvisation, drawing, painting and swing dancing. She did her full curriculum Swing 1 to 5, specializing in Charleston as well and she joined SAF Reservists in 2011. She is an art teacher in high school and she decided to join the Studio 88-SWING team of teachers in may 2012, in order for her to help share her passion that transformed her life and helped her enjoy it to the fullest! Come and discover what dance can do to your life... with Celine's enthusiasm, it will be an easy thing!
In 2009, Coralie went to Petit Medley and discovered swing dancing for the first time. Ever since that evening, she has never stopped dancing! Her passion and unconditional love for swing dancing has made her go up the chart in different troupes at the Studio 88 Swing. In June 2013, she became a member of the SAF Squad, which is the elite troupe of the studio. Coralie has won many competing events: 1st place Jack n Jill Open at Canadian Swing Championship in 2012, 1st place Jack n Jill Advanced at Swing a Dance in 2015, 3rd place Strictly Lindy at Sing a Dance, 3rd place at Boston Tea Party in 2015 with her dance partner, Antoine Simard. Coralie not only loves to perform and compete, she thrives when teaching and adores being in contact with people. This is why her charismatic energy is completely contagious to her students!
A founding member and co-owner of the SAF Entertainement Group, Studio 88 Swing (along with his partner Annie Trudeau) as well as co-organizer of The Canadian Swing Championships, Dee is one crazy workaholic! With a life-long love of Jazz and blues, a background in Hip Hop and a strong affection for partying, he took to swing like a trumpet player to Miles Davis. His stage presence and charisma earned him the nickname ''Charmin' Dee'' early on in his swing career. Dee has been hired as a dance teacher, DJ, MC and judge for major swing events all over North America including The World Lindy-Hop Championships, Summer Hummer, Lindy Focus, Dance Renaissance, Balboa on the Promenade, Studio Hop Summer Camp, New Years Extravaganzza in Danvers MA, ALHC, Beantown, The Quebec Swing Rendez-Vous, New Year's Dancin' Eve, Toronto Open Swing Dance Championships, Canadian Balboa Championships, The Montreal Swing-Fest, Camp Hollywood and the infamous Austin , Toronto, C-Rex and C-Dex Exchanges. He has also become recognized on both sides of the border for his entertaining and effective teaching style. With his Notre-Dame MBA, and experience as a consultant with the firm McKinsey & Company, Dee is all business also outside of swing as Executive VP of 360 Medlink and CEO of MedClinik, IT firms in the Healthtech space operating out of Montreal, Paris, New York and Barcelona. Media savvy, Dee has been featured in The Gazette, Clin d'Oeil, La Presse, The McGill Reporter, La Nouvelle de Sherbrooke, Canoe.ca, Progres Watchman, Montreal Campus and the Taconic Press has been seen on Musique Plus, CTV, TVA, RDS, YTV, SRC, Mlle channel, ARTV, BESO TV, and Argenteuil TV. His voice has been heard in various movie/TV translations and on SRC radio1, CKUT, Argenteuil, JBCCS (Cree Nation) and CIBL radio stations.
Mymy has always been fascinated by artistic forms of expression as gymnastics, dance and visual arts. She teaches with dynamism, respect and humour, the same way she teaches in her Cegep’s classes of Art History. After she discovered swing dance in 2008, she worked her way up through many Swinging Air Force (SAF) troupes. Since 2012, she had the chance to perform and compete in America and Europe as a member of Squad, the advanced team of the SAF. Mymy also made her mark individually and won different prices in Solo Blues (CSC 2011 et 2013), Solo Charleston (SwingADance 2014) and Lindy Hop (2nd place Pro-Am at ILHC 2011 and Select Classic 2011). During the years 2014-2015, she had the joy to coach the team Lindy Brigade while she was getting ready for the new challenge of becoming a mommy.
Flore started out as an athlete at a very young age and competed nationally gymnastics competitions from 6 years old until she was 14. Her passion for dancing grew and she trained in Jazz, Rock'n Roll, Salsa as well as Fitness to become a professional dancer. She successfully obtained her Fitness degree in 2006. She moved to Paris when she was 18 years old to be trained in some of the most prestigious national schools in Jazz and Social Dancing which led her to specialize in social dancing and obtain the 'Teacher's diploma' in Ballroom, International Latin, Rock'n'roll and Salsa. In 2007, she joined the 'Feeling Dance Show', one of the most prestigious ballroom/latin companies in Paris. They produced themselves on most big stages and concert halls in France. In the meantime she started training and touring in Europe with William and Maeva, three times world champions in boogie woogie and her new dance partner Nicolas Deniau (one of the top 10 Boogie Woogie dancers in the world at this time). Willing to take it a step further, she started competing in Dance Sport as in international competitor with Philippe in 2009. Her national breakthrough was the victory of a major French Dance TV Show with her Boogie partner Yann-Alrick Mortreuil which led to major international showcases and starring in different movies and music videos. She is therefore a qualified teacher and dancer with 10 years of experience!
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