Studio 88 Swing - Prices and Promotions

Prices below apply to a 6 weeks -session, for one person.


How to Create your Pricing

1. Choose pricing option when you register.

  • Basic Price = 145$ taxes incl.
  • Student = 125$ taxes incl
  • Retake = 50$ taxes incl. (no other rebate can be combined to this one)

2. Choose appropriate Promo Code.

Promo Code


PARTNER I have a partner for that class (10$ off for each partner)
EARLY I am paying a full week in advance or more (10$ off)
MULTI I am taking more than one class starting during the same week (10$ off)
SAF I am part of the Swinging Air Force (50% off the REGULAR price)

Use a Combo Promo Code for 6-week classes if you have multiple rebates

  • PE = 20$ off (partner+early)
  • PM  = 20$ off (partner+multi)
  • EM= 20$ off (early+multi)
  • PEM= 30$ off (partner+early+multi)
Please note that only one promo code can be used, so choose yours carefully!

3. Pay.

Follow instructions and complete your online payment with a credit card to confirm your registration. You can also reach us at (514) 887-9464 or visit our Studio during office hours to make your payment.

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Important Notes


  • You can make your payments online, or at our office during office hours.  We accept all common methods of payments.
  • Checks can be made out to Studio 88 Swing.  We also accept checks in the mail when sent to: Studio 88-SWING - 7243 St-Hubert - Montreal, (Qc) H2R 2N2.
  • Please note that the 10$ rebate for pre-payment will be applicable only if full payment is received a minimum of 7 days before the beginning of the class. For example, if your class starts Monday November 8th at 8:30pm, you need to pay at the latest Monday November 1st 8:30pm if you want to benefit from the pre-payment rebate.
  • For 3 weeks long sessions: the only applicable rebate is the 10$ early bird payment.
  • The 50% rebate for Swinging Air Force members is the only rebate that can be applied to your registration.
  • All banking charges related to bounced checks will be added to your bill 
  • Students have to show Valid Student ID at our office on 1st class to get their STUDENT pricing approved.
  • Retake : Benefit from 95$ rebate on retakes! This promotion cannot be combined to other promotion except Reference.
  • Refer-a-Friend! : Get 10$ for every new client you refer to us for their Swing 1 class!

***We verify all information and rebates***
so please make sure you choose the good promo codes and pricing, or else you might have to pay a balance at your 1st class.

You could even earn money by taking classes at the Studio 88 Swing!!! Yes... It is possible, see some hard hitting examples below...

Real-life examples:

1- Joanna wants to sign up for Swing I,
since she is aware that many women usually sign up on their own and since she wants to make sure she will be granted a spot in the new session, she wants to find a leader to accompany her. She talks it over with her cousin Orly. He winds up registering as her "partner" for the class. On top of avoiding the waiting list, she now has added a 20$ rebate to her rewards for being pro-active. (10$ for the referral and 10$ for signing up with a partner). Orly of course will also get the 10$ rebate for signing up with a partner.

2- Robert is an advanced student at Studio 88-SWING and he wants to become even better. Like many, he has decided to retake Swing V with Vicki and Travis since that class significatively varies in content each time it is given based on the changing student levels and background as well as the various teachers' experiences. Since Robert has never taken a class with either Travis nor Vicki, he is really looking forward to his class, he signs up and only has to pay 50$ for the class, saving 95$! But that's not all... Robert just went to a wedding last month where he danced with everyone and mentioned that he took classes at Studio 88 Swing, he told people to mention his name when and if they signed up. 8 of them did and signed up for Swing I. Robert gets a 80$ check from the Studio on his first class, 30$ more than what he initially paid, so he has actually made money taking classes and recommending Studio 88 Swing!!!

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Refund Policy

  • Credit note available for future classes at no charge
  • All reimbursement will follow the Quebec Consumer Protection Office regulations

Waiting List

You don't need to register with a partner for most classes, however we always try to balance Leaders and Followers. If there is surplus of either, we are forced to create a waiting list which follows this policy:
  • 1st priority, person who has paid and registered with a partner;
  • 2nd priority, person who has paid according to date of payment reception;
  • Not yet paid = not yet officially registered!
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