Studio 88 Swing's Group Classes and Private Lessons

Group Classes

Our group classes are the best environment to learn swing dancing since you are in a natural environment for that type of dancing: with a group of people sharing their passion and enthusiasm!  Our priorities and focus points are the following in every of our classes: inclusion, strong pedagogy, and passion of the artistry of Swing Dancing!  We favour partner changes in our classes, allowing people to meet, but first and foremost, to develop the ability to adapt to different type of movement and connection right from the start.... on that dance floor, you will find people from different backgrounds and experience, people with different heights and shapes, with different styles of movement, and the challenge is to be able to create the perfect dance with all of them!

Our group classes are very structured since we have pretty specific course plans that our teachers are well trained to master and teach, but we do also allow some freedom for our teachers to give you some personal insight on the dancing, because we value individuality in the interpretation of the swing dance art form, but also because we know your experience will be richer because of it!

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Private Lessons

  • You are planning to get married and you want a tailored choreography?
  • You would like to learn the material from a class in an accelerated fashion?
  • You would like to be updated on a specific class you missed?
  • You would like personal feedback on your social dancing?

... then Privates are the solution !


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Contact us for your appointment!

You can write to or call (514) 887-9464 and we will do our best to find the perfect time to meet with you.

Private Lessons are for one to three students (the price is the same), and we also offer semi-privates for 4-8 people!
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