Studio 88 Swing's Pro-Am Program


Swing It Program

A Pro-Am is the magical opportunity for you to grow as a swing dancer in an intensive and unique fashion! It is a project that an amateur dancer engage into with a professional dancer, with the ultimate goal to participate into a competition of the kind, where the professional dances a choreographed piece with the amateur in competition - for example, the Canadian Swing Championships or the International Lindy Hop Championships.  

The student commits to the project including typically about 10 hours of private lessons at a discounted rate part of in the Swing It program.  The dancer will improve significatively his or her technique level and to work on the content of the routine and learn the piece!  

If such a challenge appeals to you, please contact us or talk to one of our teachers directly and get ready to see your dancing be brought to the NEXT LEVEL ! Let's Swing it!

A video montage of Pro-Am at CSC

Here are a few videos showing you how amazing the product of a Pro-Am project can be. All those students had a great time performing and learning and are very proud of their accomplishments... just like we are of theirs!!!

Gabriel Indurskis with teacher Annie Trudeau at CSC 2014

Jamie Blair with our teacher, Travis Matte,
ILHC 2016
Olivier Comeau with teacher Marie-Anne Rochon at CSC 2014

Guillaume Roubille from Paris with teacher Annie Trudeau at CSC 2013
Marie Noël with teacher Travis Matte at CSC 2014

Jamin Jackson from Oklahoma with teacher Annie Trudeau winning 1st place of Pro-Am at ILHC 2010
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