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The next audition for our Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo Jazz teams will be on Sunday January 6th, and our audition for our West Coast Swing teams will be on Saturday January 5th, at Studio 88-Swing. 


Make sure to save your spot at the audition by sending us the Audition form!


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If a troupe experience appeals to you, please stay tuned for our audition emails and posts, they happen a few times a year, typically in January, June and September, although if you want more information or want to let us know right away your interest in joining a troupe, you can call us or write our coaches team at  Don't wait any longer, your dream of being part of an amateur or even professional dance troupe can be a reality sooner than you think!


Why a Troupe?

If you want to bring your Swing dancing experience to another level, and would like a team experience in which you will be challenged on a weekly basis, join the Swinging Air Force!!!  Contact us if you want more information or if you would like to audition!

One huge positive aspect of being part of a team is the long-term aspect of it, environment giving you the chance to evolve in a structured way with sustained coaching, and motivation given by team members, team spirit and stimulating goals to achieve!  Some of the people you will meet part of a troupe will stay friends with you for a very long time... we've seen it happen more than once!  You will quickly understand what we mean when we say that joining the Swinging Air Force is really joining the SAF Family!

Mission Statement 

« Together, spreading the roots of our passion »

This mission brings us to practice dance in a united team context, integrating people from different origins, backgrounds and cultures, and using creative objectives to push forward our passion for dancing into concrete projects.  The Swinging Air Force's artistic vision aims to honour the authentic movement we can witness in videos from the past, or what was taught directly to us by some of the masters of the old times, but we also aim to add an innovative touch and a contemporary interpretation of Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, West Coast Swing and all Swing dances we practice, teach and perform.

General Objectives of all SAF teams:

  • Give motivated and hard working dancers, who are passionate about the afore mentioned dances, the opportunity to learn and grow
  • Offer high quality shows to our clients and thereby sharing our passion with a large audience
  • Compete in all kinds of venues and events in order to maintain our goal towards excellence
  • Train and/or perfect current or future teachers of Studio 88-SWING dance school

More on SAF...

Our numerous troupes exist to create an environment where intermediate and advanced swing dancers can work part of a team on a weekly basis to get better at this dance, not only on the social dancing angle but also at the performance angle of it. Most of them will aim to participate in a team division of a specific event like the International Lindy Hop Championship (ILHC), the European Swing Dance Championships (ESDC) or of course the annual Canadian Swing Dance Championships.

Not all troupes will do competitions, and some of them will be more constant and systematic in their aim of competing on a yearly or semi-yearly basis but some others will be more laid back about it.  The objective can also be as simple and fun as presenting in the casual Swing l'Été Event in Verdun during the Summer, or doing a show in a Festival or in a Christmas Party... or it can be as big a deal as competing in London or in Washington!

saf squad a swingouttonight 3
SAF Squad in 2008, Swing Out Tonight Show
All SAF CSC 2014
All SAF Teams at CSC 2014
bootcamp csc 2013 2
SAF Bootcamp at CSC 2013

Swinging Air Force History

A dance company hosting amateur and professional swing dance troupes in many authentic styles since 1998!

In 1998, a group of passionate swing dancers came together to create a troupe.  During a rehearsal in which dancers were discussing how to best please the crowd and how to integrate impressive air steps, Stéphane Gilbert expressed an idea out loud, while also being inspired by a Second-World-War american poster saying “Keep ‘em Flying - is our Battle Cry.  Stéphane said : “We keep them flying... we are the Swinging Air Force”! 

The name was immediately adopted!  In a very short period of time, the young dance company became recognized on the international swing dance scene.  The S.A.F. also was the first canadian troupe competing in the USA and winning 3rd place in the team division at the American Lindy Hop Championships in Connecticut 2001.  

By the quality of their performances, their constant innovation and the accumulating international titles, and having more than one troupe operating since 2003, the Swinging Air Force contributed significantly to the Montreal Swing Dance Scene, one of the most fruitful, active and collaborative scenes in the world.  To this day, the Swinging Air Force is the most decorated swing dance company in the world, having now recognition all around the world with placements almost every where we go in the last decade.

The SAF also appeared on Canadian television having been featured in shows like Le Match des Etoiles, la Vie est un Cirque, Bar Ouvert, La Fureur, Bons Baisers de France, Salut Bonjour... but also in American productions like The Reagans et Gleeson by CBS. Some of our best teachers also have been hired by Cirque du Soleil as coaches and choreographers for shows such as Banana Schpeel and Viva Elvis, presented in Chicago and Las Vegas. We also appeared in Sam Roberts and Ruffneck's videoclips, have been hired at Montreal's Casino and Place des Arts, participated in Star Academy's choreographies, and have helped some national-level figure skaters with the artistic aspect of their routine! We also collaborated with Moment Factory for their Boardwalk Beat show presented in Atlantic City in 2013.

The Evolution of the SAF logo

1st SAF logo

live dangerously

Logo SAF med res

1998 2000 2010 (by Alice Mei) 2014 (by Julie Roussy)

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