Our Values, History & Mission at Studio 88 Swing


Passion and international expertise since 2001

Studio 88 Swing is co-owned by two passionate individuals. A solid team built of over more than a decade of business and artistic partnership Annie Trudeau and Didier Jean-François have been a winning team since 2001!

With more than 15 years of experience in local teaching, international workshop giving, international competing and performing, event organizing show producing, the Studio 88 Swing and the Swinging Air Force can easily be referred to as THE reference in Swing in Canada! We have taught swing to performers of two Cirque du Soleil shows, for Star Académie and the Canadian Junior 2011 Champion ice skaters, along with repeated appearances on all major television channels in Quebec. There is no doubt : we offer superior quality dance instruction! We thrive to keep the dancing available to everybody who is interested in learning, keeping the instruction light, fun and accessible, putting the pursue of the art-quality behind always at the top!

Not convinced? Each week we offer FREE drop-in trial classes during our regular dance evenings, so come have a drink with some friends and try for FREE in a relaxed atmosphere. See what all the passion is about when you meet our students at these venues.


Every Saturday!

8PM - Free intro to Swing Class!
Espace 215 - Le Jazz Hot Night
215 Jean-Talon Ouest, 3rd floor


Every Tuesday!

8pm - Free intro to Swing Class!
Medley Simple Malt - Swingin' Tuesdays
6206 St-Hubert, Métro Beaubien

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A Montreal-grown team with a world-wide recognition!

In 1998, a group of passionate dancers decided to form a troupe so that they could share their dancing ideas on a weekly basis and eventually to work on some choreographies for shows! In the middle of a rehearsal where the topic was to please the crowd and add air steps to the performance, and with the added inspiration of an old Second-World-War american poster saying "Keep ‘em Flying - is our Battle Cry", Stéphane Gilbert said high and loud “We keep them flying... we are the Swinging Air Force”! The name was right away adopted by the crew! In a short period of time the young troupe becomes recognized on the local and even international scene, being the first Canadian team to compete in the USA, winning 3rd place at the American Lindy Hop Championships of 2001.  After this remarkable event, the team decided to create a dance school and they called it Studio 88-Swing and that’s how a beautiful family was created around sharing the passion for the art of Swing dancing in Montreal!

With the quality of each of their shows, by winning numerous titles on the road but especially because of constant innovation, the Swinging Air Force has contributed significantly to the Montreal swing dance scene and has more than one troupe since 2003, and now has 8 of them!  We can say without a doubt that the Swinging Air Force is nowadays one of the most accomplished and influent Swing dance troupe on the planet! The Swinging Air Force is the most decorated team in North America.
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